Zilveren hanger rond met vingerafdruk Zilveren hanger Rond met Vingerafdruk
Zilveren hanger rond met vingerafdruk Zilveren hanger Rond met Vingerafdruk
Zilveren hanger Rond met Vingerafdruk
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Mooie strakke zilveren hanger rond met vingerafdruk, handgemaakt van sterling zilver 925.



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2-5 working days



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This silver pendant with fingerprint is not only very beautiful, but also affordable. Because we do everything by ourselves, we keep it affordable for our customers. Damarris stands for a high quality and competitive prices. Moreover, we know how important it is to make beautiful memorial jewelry. It is a jewel with the fingerprint of your loved one and it must be perfect. Perfection is in our genes and you can see that immediately from the fingerprint we laser into the silver. Beautiful, sleek and clearly felt.

Handmade silver memorial jewelry

It starts with the silver. We cut our pendants ourselves from a plate of silver. After this, the cut hanger must be sanded by hand. If this is done properly, it is time to laser the fingerprint deeple into the silver. This is done in different layers, so that it is beautiful and tangible in the silver. Because not every fingerprint is perfect, we process every fingerprint by hand. An extremely precise job that is time-consuming, but ultimately gives the best results. Once the print has been lasered into the silver pendant, it is time to polish the pendant so that the silver will shine beautifully. Processing and laser engraving the fingerprint is not cheap if it is outsourced. Ask a jeweler what this costs and probably this will cost somewhere between € 50.00 and € 100.00. Then the jewelry and necklace are not there yet!

Safely order your fingerprint jewelry

We have a fairly short delivery time of up to 5 working days within europe, because we do everything ourselves. Webshops that use a delivery time of a few weeks, they order the pendants from a supplier or it comes from China ... Look out for products from China, because these are not always made of real silver, even though they place 925. The core is often not made of silver and only the outer layer has a layer of silver. Damarris only supplies solid silver jewelry. Our silver and gold simply comes from a Dutch wholesaler who supplies all goldsmiths. So a safe thought.

Specifications Silver pendant with fingerprint

Material: 925 sterling silver
Diameter: 20 mm
Thickness: 0.80 mm
Pendant weight: 2.40 grams
Order your silver pendant with fingerprint today.

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